Frequently asked questions

Fill up any of our contact us form along with your room preference or drop us an email at  or call us at (+971) 52-534-6280 we will get in touch with you immediately.

We have flexible contracts that suit your semester and your dates, we do not have any fixed contracts.

We supply you with a welcome kit, room key, WIFI password, and an ESAW guidebook that contains all of the information you will need during your stay with us.

ESAW welcomes a multi-cultural student community with a plethora of amenities designed just for your stay. Every day, you will undoubtedly make new pals. Our on-campus activities and amenities are designed to enhance your academic experience.

We welcome both students and visitors at ESAW. You can play in our floor lounges, but you will have limited access to resident facilities.

We will need the following papers once you have been admitted to your selected university:
• A letter of enrollment from the university
• Student ID and Emirates ID
• Passport and visa documentation
• Parent/Guardian Information
• Medical Insurance information
• Monthly Payment Information/Methods

At ESAW, we provide amenities that allow you to enjoy a comfortable student life. We offer a public kitchen where you can prepare your dinner and a communal laundry where you can wash your delicates. You can order a tiffin from your favourite restaurant or purchase for groceries on our weekly grocery trips.

Yes, you may select a double room if you want to live with a buddy. Our accommodations are gender divided. We ensure that you live in a safe setting with 24-hour security, or we assist you find a nice roommate that meets both of your needs.

We have our own community laundries where you may wash your delicates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, or you can outsource your laundry services for a charge.

Each apartment has fully equipped kitchen with premium kitchen appliances.

Transportation is covered by all the major universities in Dubai Knowledge Park and nearby universities.

Visit our Amenities page to learn more about the activities in which you may engage. Keep up to speed with all of the broadcast messages on major days and events.

Our 24-hour Facilities team will assist you with any problems you’ve encountered in your accommodation. If you require maintenance, please call reception. All small concerns will be resolved promptly, and we may relocate you inside the property for your comfort and convenience for significant fixtures.

We collect your delivery solely with your agreement while you are at university.

If you cause damage to our facilities, we will charge you directly. In the event of damage for which no one has accepted responsibility, we divide the cost of repair among the members of the community.

ESAW is not liable for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property in the resident halls. If you have any damaged, stolen, or lost goods in the resident halls, you should file a claim with security.

Yes, a weekly housekeeping service is offered to clean each of the rooms.

Yes, you may bring your guests to your room; they must provide their identification to security and may stay in your room until 10:00 p.m. We do not allow pupils of the opposing gender to visit your room since the community is gender divided.

Yes, your room does have blinds/curtains.

No smoking is permitted in your room, corridors, or anywhere else on the premises. Please smoke outdoors in the designated smoking area. For each complaint that is entered into the system, a fee of AED 250 will be added to your monthly account.


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